Your real estate brokerage should be;

1. A service provider to you. The Brokerage you choose to work with should be providing you with services that support your business. Such as;

  • Broker of record support
  • Training and education
  • Software and Service
  • Transaction Management
  • Complimentary Service Provider Partnerships
  • ECT.

2. A support service to your business. It should be providing, designing, and sourcing products and services that best serve your clients. Remember, you are a business owner. The industry isn’t always set up to make you feel like you are. Brokerages work for you. It should be a symbiotic relationship. Without you they can’t do the job that they are charged to do. Without a brokerage you can’t do the job that you are trying to perform.

The true services that your brokerage should be providing you are, the services that you require to do your job at its peak.

Your broker should not be your largest expense

Unless your brokerage provides you with services that exceed their cost. As an example, if you’re spending $30,000 worth of your capital, then the broker should be providing you with services that far exceed $30,000 in value.

At Chase Realty we are dedicated to providing services and products that improve the quality of life and ability to perform at the peak of the industry for our agents. We are constantly looking for new ways and new opportunities to provide better services for our clients and your clients. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you feel like you have support and access to that support when you need it most. That is the true service of a brokerage.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what some of our values agents have to say about their experience at Chase.