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Real estate is simple, but not easy. At Chase Realty, we give you all the tools for your success.

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Become a Strong Business Owner

Benefits of Chase Realty

Strong branding


Market Presence

Powerful In-Depth Coaching Program

Robust partnerships for your business


Benefit from support from practicing REALTORS® and Brokers at critical points during your real estate transactions.


Perform in real estate locally from anywhere in the world with our new transaction management system complete with electronic signature.


NO hidden fees

First Steps Program

Mentoring Future REALTORS®


Our first step program is presented to students while in the real state program, prior to becoming a REALTOR®.


Providing experience, knowledge and support.


Our first step program bridges the gap between the course’s theory and the real life experiences of being a REALTOR®.


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The Aventure™ Realty Network

By bringing together the leading independent brokerages from coast to coast, Aventure™ aims to deliver benefits that will help strengthen our members’ brands and improve their competitive position through knowledge-sharing and relationship building. By creating an environment that fosters relationships, our members can expand their market reach to gain a competitive edge.

Become A Strong Business Owner

Companies don’t sell real estate, AGENTS do.
You do all the work, so you should get ALL the commission.

Your Growth is Our Growth.
At Chase Realty Inc.

Informative Educational Meetings

Built to ensure you can provide the service you are looking to provide

Always Receive 100% Commission

Keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Flexible Supportive Business Model

A system that is agile and responsive to your clients needs.

Flexible Marketing Plan

Be in more control over how you want to reach your target market

Invitation to Company Wide Mastermind Group

Be as involved as you want to help share and mentor other agents.

Monthly Training Sessions

Continue to improve your skill ensuring the future growth of your business

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Realtors Joining Chase Realty

The biggest fear when becoming a relator is not getting a deal and paying upfront for services and brokerage fees. Contact us today and find out about our empowering strategies to set you up for success!

Looking for a secure brokerage? Ask us about our First Deal Guarantee!


Chris Jagt and Leigh Ann Stapleton are the best agents around! They go well above and beyond! Thank you Chase Realty and Chris and Leigh Ann

– Carver Gordon


I have been working as a real estate student with Chase Realty since last September and can’t even begin to explain how blessed I am to be working with such an amazing group of people. Not only have they been in my corner through all of my education during the licensing program, they have pushed me to keep going and believe in myself when I wanted to quit. Every text, phone call, email and zoom meeting has been nothing but educational and inspirational. I consider them my mentors and my friends. I will continue to learn from/with them as long as I can. Thank you Chase Realty!

Special thank you too Chris Jagt & Bruce Moran for your willingness to help anyone, anytime!

– Logan Rich

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