So you’ve chosen the path of becoming a Real Estate Agent, but do you know what to expect? Often, new agents come in with a vision of what it’s like in the life of real estate, but are surprised by what the reality of it is. This segment covers the top new agents’ expectations versus the realities of a day in their future career. Without further discussion, let’s get right into it!

Expectation 1: “It’s an easy job”

Reality: While the idea of taking an online course and test seems like an easy task, it may not be what you thought it would be. Almost every real estate agent has said that the test is much harder than they expected. A helpful tip would be to take your time to prepare for the test. Take notes, study, get a good night’s sleep and do everything you did for highschool or college exams. But, this is all just the beginning. Once you have your licence, the real hard work begins. You will be handling clients with different backgrounds and personalities and this will affect how you work with them. Being adaptable is a key skill you will have to master. Transactions will vary from easy to hard, and processes will range from long to short, but it’s up to you to be able to handle them all.

Expectation 2: “I have to look a certain way”

Reality: Before you go out of your way to buy a fancy suit or dress, consider this; homebuyers and sellers will undoubtedly pick an agent who is knowledgeable and puts their clients first, over one who’s just fashionable. It helps to look professional so that clients know you take your work seriously, but also stick to what you’re comfortable with.

Expectation 3: “I can work when I want”

Reality: While you have schedule flexibility, the best agents work around their client’s schedule. Some clients work a standard 9-5, Monday-Friday job and only have time in the evenings or weekends. At the same time, you may come across clients who work evening and night shifts. Either way, it’s up to you to work around their schedule, give them updates when you know they’re available and provide all follow-up information as discussed. It would be helpful to discuss with the client when and how they would like to be contacted in your initial discussions.

Expectation 4: “All brokerages are the same”

Reality: Every brokerage has their vibe and regulations especially when it comes to commission split. Walk into a few brokerages, see what the atmosphere is like and get a feel of where you would be happier to work. Also consider what the commission split is. Some brokerages abide by a 60/40 split while others may have a 80/20 split. At Chase Realty, we believe that you deserve your hard earned money so whatever sale you make, the commission is 100% yours!