The winter season can be a great time to get more listings. Although many people believe that the spring and summer are the best times to list a property, there are actually many benefits to listing in the winter. For starters, there are typically fewer homes on the market in the winter. This means that your listing will stand out more. Additionally, buyers who are looking for homes in the winter are usually serious about buying. They’re not just browsing or window-shopping. So, if you can get a listing in the winter, you’re more likely to sell it.

Of course, getting listings in the winter can be a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you get more listings this winter:

1. Stay visible and active online

One of the best ways to get more listings is to stay visible and active online. Make sure your website is up-to-date and that your social media channels are active. Post regularly and interact with your followers. If you’re not sure where to start, try posting helpful articles or tips related to selling a home or finding a home in the winter. You could also post holiday-themed content or run social media giveaways. The key is to stay top-of-mind with potential sellers so that when they’re ready to list their property, they think of you first.

2. Reach out to expired listings

Another great way to get more listings is to reach out to expired listings. These are properties that were previously on the market but didn’t sell for one reason or another. The owners of these properties may be motivated to sell now, so it’s definitely worth reaching out and seeing if they’d be interested in relisting with you.

How to Get More Listings This Winter

3. Host open houses

Open houses are always a great way to generate leads and get more listings. And although open houses may not be as popular in the winter as they are in other seasons, they can still be effective if done correctly. One way to make your open houses more successful in the winter is by promoting them online and using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience. You could also offer refreshments like hot chocolate or cookies to make your open house more inviting during colder months.

4. Offer incentives

Another way to get more listings in the winter is by offering incentives—especially if you’re competing against other realtors who may not be doing this. Some ideas for incentives include waiving certain fees, offering home staging services, or providing a free home warranty plan. Whatever incentive you decide on, make sure it’s something that will appeal to potential sellers and help you stand out from other realtors in your area.

How to Get More Listings This Winter

With these tips, you should have no problem getting more listings this winter! Just remember to stay visible online, reach out to expired listings, host successful open houses, and offer incentives that will appeal to potential sellers. Are you looking to grow as a real estate agent? Become a strong business owner with Chase Realty through our supportive team and keep 100% of your commissions. Join Chase Realty today!