Chase Realty is hyper focused on the success of each and every agent. We have developed a 5-step process to building successful real estate businesses. Whether you work with us or work with a different brokerage, we are hopeful that you find Value in this resource.

  1. Learn to think like an employer not an employee
  2. Practice before you play
  3. Step outside of your box and take chances
  4. Celebrate and review successes and failures
  5. Find a mentor ask for support

1. Defining yourself as an Owner of a business is far different than being an employee for a business. An employer / owner

  • is always looking for ways to improve the lives of their clients and customers.
  • is proactively engaged in building the business.
  • aligns all decisions with the mission of their business.

Whereas and employee;

  • waits for instructions,
  • waits tasks,
  • is reactive to the needs of clients and customers.
  • Doesn’t take responsibility for the outcomes of the business.

2. Professionals in all fields Practice “before they play”. A professional athlete will train, watch videos, practice plays, and focus on skills that are current weaknesses in their game in between games.

A professional REALTOR© should do the same. A professional real estate agent should be studying, reading books, reviewing their processes, and role-playing scenarios to ensure they are at the top of their game when it matters most.

A professional REALTOR© will know the content of their documents, how to write a condition, which forms to use in most situations, would know who their closest competitors are, etc.

3. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking chances means

  • doing things,
  • taking actions,
  • approaching things in different manners that either scare you, or challenge you in ways that are uncomfortable.

Uncomfortableness is where growth happens. We do not grow when things are easy.

4. It may sound odd to celebrate a failure, but, as we said earlier, uncomfortableness is where growth happens. If we are uncomfortable or fail at something, that means we tried something new or dangerous. Being willing to review when we’ve done something well and celebrating that, as well as reviewing when something went wrong and planning/practicing for the next time that occurs will ensure you are better prepared for the future and less likely to stumble on similar situations.

5. Everyone needs help. No one knows everything so always seek someone who knows more than you to guide you through and help avoid many of the situations that are bound to come up in your real estate career. A mentor will help you with resilience, and help you gain confidence and competence in your abilities. A mentor should help you gain critical thinking skills and be prepared to step in and help should you require it.

At Chase Realty we are prepared to help you develop your skills and abilities in all five of the key pillars to a successful business. All you need to do is ask.